A real resort from Hokkaido to the world.

The scenery of nature reminds us of the brilliance of life that people tend to forget.
Kamori Tourism Group started from Noboribetsu Bear Farm.
Since then, we value
Understanding and utilizing the nature and climate of the land.
From Hokkaido, to the whole country, to the world...
What we can do is still expanding.

Kamori sightseeing group map



"2023-24 Season K-Winter Pass" is now on sale.
2023-24シーズンのK-ウィンターパスを2023/3/6(月) 10:00から販売開始いたしました。 『早割期間』2023/3/6(月) ~ 11/3(金) ではお得にご購入いただけます…
March 6, 2023