Golsta Heaven

[Hokkaido limited project, Golsta Heaven]

Earn points every time you play at a golf course participating in the campaign!
We will present luxurious prizes according to the points earned.

Brochure download (PDF)

[About Golsta Heaven]

  • 1 point is earned for 1 play (18 hours). Extra rounds don't count.
  • Redemption for each point coupon (prize) will be carried out by exchanging for a stamp card at each golf course.
  • Remaining points after exchange will be invalid.
  • Bathing tax and golf course usage tax will be charged separately.
  • Please note that meal tickets cannot be exchanged for cash or change.
  • Earned points will be stamped on the stamp card (only valid for the person himself/herself, transfer prohibited)
  • Changes cannot be made after redeeming point coupons (prize).
  • Redemption for each point voucher (product) is limited to the golf course business period.

[About Golsta Heaven Common Campaign Ticket]

  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Resale (including listing and selling on flea market sites, flea market apps, internet auctions, etc.) is prohibited.
    If such acts are discovered, the applicable ticket will be invalidated.
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged or reissued if lost.
  • Please check in advance as there are restrictions on the validity period, usage period, and number of people who can use it.
  • When using, please present it at the reception desk of each facility.
  • The ticket can only be used once on the day of use.
  • The ticket can only be used at one facility.
  • Documents without a signature, date of issue, and seal of the person in charge are invalid.

~ Applicable Golf Courses ~

Rusutsu Resort Golf 72

4 courses / 72 holes
PAR 288/25,922 yards
golf heaven. A total of 4 courses with magnificent scenery.

Sahoro Resort

1 course / 18 holes
PAR 72/6,928 yards
A beautiful and dramatic course overlooking the majestic mountains of Tokachi.

Sapporo Teine Golf Club

3 courses / 27 holes
PAR 108/9,210 yards
Please enjoy the play unique to the hill course.

Royal Ship Sapporo

2 courses / 18 holes
PAR 72/6,337 yards
A public course that takes advantage of the beautiful nature and is easy to enjoy.

Orika Golf Club

2 courses / 18 holes
PAR 72/6,769 yards
A majestic course of 1.38 million square meters spread out in Furano.